The user_disable_2fa method turns off Two-Factor Authentication for the given user.


    <credentials object>, 
    "user": <mailbox_name>, 
    "role": "role_name", 
    "object": "admin_object"

Request fields for user_disable_2fa

Field nameObligationDefinition/Value

Response fields for set_role

Field nameObligationDescription/Value
errorReturned if success = falseA text string that explains the error.
error_numberReturned if success = falseA number that represents the error.
successAlways returned.Indicates whether the request was successful or not. Allowed values are true and false.


Determine whether 2FA is enabled

You can determine whether a user has 2FA enabled via the get_user call.

Examples for set_role

Request 1

  "credentials": {
"user": "[email protected]",
    "password": "password"
  "user": "[email protected]"

Response 1

	"success": true,
	"audit": "month72_56b3b161b"