The push_domain method transfers a domain and all its mailboxes and mail to another company. The receiving company must first allow domains to be pushed from this company by adding this company's company id to that company's domain_push_allowed attribute.


    <credentials object>,
    "domain" : <domain_name>,
    "new_company" : <company_id>,

Request fields for change_domain_bulletin

The following fields can be used in the change_domain_bulletin method:

Field nameObligationDefinition/Value
domainRequiredDomain to transfer to the new company
new_companyRequiredcompany_id of the company that will receive the domain and mailboxes.

Response fields for change_domain_bulletin

The following fields may be returned in response to the change_domain_bulletin method:

Field nameField nameDescription/Value
errorReturned if success = falseA text string that explains the error.
error_numberReturned if success = falseA number that represents the error.
successAlways returnedIndicates whether the request was successful or not. Allowed values are true and false.

Examples for change_domain_bulletin

Example 1

Push a domain example.com to company with company_id 12345


  "credentials": {
    "user": "[email protected]",
    "password": "sw0rdfish"
  "domain": "example.com",


  "success": true