The migration_trace method retrieves detailed information about a single
user in a current or historical migration job.

Migration trace files are not available until the migration has started.


    <credentials object> 
    "job":<job id>, 

Request fields for migration_trace

The following fields can be used in the migration_trace method:

Field nameObligationDefinition/Value
jobRequiredThe ID of the job you are querying. The ID is returned in the migration_add response.
userRequiredThe username of the person whose migration job is being retrieved.

Response fields for migration_trace

The following fields may be returned when the migration_trace method is submitted:

Field nameObligationDescription/Value
errorReturned if success = falseA text string that explains the error.
error_numberReturned if success = falseA number that represents the error.
successAlways returnedIndicates whether the requested change was successful or not. Allowed values are true and false.
traceReturned if success = trueThe URL where the trace file can be downloaded. The trace file provides detailed information about the migration job.

Examples for migration_trace


  "credentials": {
    "user": "[email protected]",
    "password": "sw0rdf1sh"
  "user": "[email protected]",
  "job": "1326229437638"


	"success": true,
  "trace":"https://admin.a.hostedemail.com/api/oma_file/get?type=migrat iontrace&id=joe_user%40democo.com%3A1326229437638&user=domain_admin%40d emoco.com&token=44d904b456a2ffe0c0e77653e0ac44e9"