The reset_email_test method sends password reset notification emails to the provided email address(es) for a specified brand. This allows the reseller to experience the emails as they will be received by the end user.


   "test_email_rcpt" : <email id>,
   "brand" : <brand id or name>
test_email_rcptrequiredEmail ID where test emails will be sent
brandrequiredbrand id or brand name. If brand name, then company info must be specified (see below)
companyconditionalEither a company id or company name. Must be provided if using brand name


Success Response

   "success" : true,
   "audit" : "sort86_5ebe15f419"

Fail Response

   "success" : false,
   "error_number" : 5,
   "error" : "Request badly formatted (missing required field, or field is not the correct data type)",
   "audit" : "able41_5ebe1727a"

Response Fields

successalways returnedWhether the request was successful or not. Either true or false
error_numberreturned if success == falseA number that represents the error
errorreturned if success == falseA text string that explains the error