This section contains the following methods:

  • change_user — Creates a new user or changes the attributes of an existing user.

  • delete_user — Soft deletes a user's account.

  • generate token — Generates a temporary login token for a user.

  • get_deleted_contacts — Retrieves a list of deleted restorable contacts
    from a user's Webmail address book.

  • get_deleted_messages — Retrieves a list of recoverable deleted email messages belonging to a user.

  • get user — Retrieves the settings and values for a specified user.

  • get_user_attribute_history — Retrieves the historical values for an
    attribute for a specified user.

  • get_user_changes — Retrieves a summary of the changes made to a user account.

  • get_user_folders — Retrieves a list of a user's current and deleted folders.

  • get_user_messages — Returns a list of user messages in a specified folder.

  • logout_user — Terminates all IMAP and POP sessions that the specified user has active.

  • move_user_messages — Moves the specified user messages to a different folder.

  • reindex — Regenerates the specified mailbox index file.

  • rename_user — Changes a user's mailbox name.

  • restore_deleted_contacts — Restores deleted contacts for a specified

  • restore_deleted_messages — Restores specific deleted messages.

  • restore_user — Restores specified user accounts.

  • search_users — Searches for users in a specified domain.

  • set_role — Assigns a role to the specified user.

  • user_notify — Checks to see if the specified user has any unseen mail.